Magical Tipis

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When we were looking at tent ideas for our venue, we were directed to Magical Tipis and they looked perfect. We were worried that we wouldn't be able to afford them but actually, they were reasonable in price, especially when compared to other, similar companies. When we got to talking to them, they were just so friendly and I knew we'd made the right choice. They were super patient with me asking stupid questions and nothing was too much trouble. When we met them on the day they were so cool and the Tipis and Honeymoon tent were just incredible. We cannot recommend them enough, so read more about them here. 

Tell us a little bit about Magical Tipis:

Magical Tipis is part of Magical Events LTD and is a family business run by myself and my wife Lisa with the help of our great crew that are experienced in erecting our Tipis & Bell Tents. We offer Giant Hat Tipi Hire along with our Bell Tent hire for all events, whether its a small family gathering, a festival themed wedding or a huge 60th Birthday Party - Whatever the occasion we can help to make it Magical!

And the people behind it?

Lisa & I have been married for 13 years this year and no we didn’t have a Tipi wedding…although we would have loved to have one if we knew about them!! We just love being outdoors and have always enjoyed a love of camping and exploring hence MagicalCamping was born. People often say how do you both live together and work together and not fall out…but it’s easy we, both share a real passion and love for what we do and hope that this comes across in what we do.

What wedding trends do you love?

We love everything laid back and relaxed and we love the whole DIY approach to weddings some of the photos our brides and grooms send us of their weddings are just amazing!

Which do you loathe?

Round tables and drapes…sorry

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What's your favourite wedding you've ever worked on?

That is such a hard question as all of our weddings are so so special and we love each and everyone for their uniqueness and style. If I was to ask the crew they would say that their favourite weddings are the ones where they get bacon rolls and cake when they are setting up

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Which famous TV/Movie wedding would you have loved to have worked on?

Mama Mia - for 2 reasons, Lisa loves the film and it would have been a great location/setting

Why should people choose Magical Tipis?

We pride ourselves on the service that our customers receive. We are only a small team which enables both myself and Lisa to be personally involved in each and every event. We often get asked if we are looking to expand but to be honest if we did, we feel that the business would lose the personable touch that we are able to offer. Working this way means that each and every customer gets the best possible experience in one of the most important times of their lives.

How can people hire your tipis?

By emailing or calling 01362 637483.

Is there anything else people should know?

That hiring our Tipis will create an absolutely awesome event that you and all of your guests will NEVER forget - We don’t think that any other structure comes close to the atmosphere that our Tipis create.

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