Bridal Hair Tips With Guest Blogger Amy From 'My Many Loves'

Hello there! My names Amy and I run the blog 'My Many Loves', aside from blogging my main day job is bridal hair. I've been in the business for around 6 years now and I love it!

Today I'm collabing up with Codie to share some of my best tips for your wedding hair from the trial to on the day, hope you enjoy! If you would like to hear more from me you can check me out on my social media pages below.





1. Book a trial!
I cannot stress how important this tips is. There's nothing worse than being left on the day not knowing what you want, what the style will look like or whether your hair will work for the said style. Having a trial is key so both you and the stylist know where you stand on the day and it will all run 10x smoother! The last thing you want to be worrying about on the day is your hair not going right!

2. Find a style inspiration photo.
Head into your trial with an idea of what type of style you would like. It doesn't have to be dead on as that's one of the stylists job to suggest what would/wouldn't work, but it's always a great help to have a picture for a guideline.

3. Take your dress into consideration.
One of the first questions I ask my bride is what style of dress they have/are aiming for as this can influence the chosen style. For example if you have a high neck or lots of detailing on the back then I would opt for something 'up' so you can show off the back rather than have your hair down and covering it.

4. Be open to suggestions.
As mentioned above part of the stylist's job is to suggest a style that would/wouldn't work. There have been many of times where someone has shown me a picture of the hair style they want but the model pictured has super thick, long hair and the bride has fine shoulder length hair. Of course this wouldn't work unless the bride is open to added hair (extensions), the stylist can then advise on alternatives that would work for you.

5. Bring family member or friend to the trial.
It's always nice to have a little moral support on your trial and to have another second opinion on styles. The said person can also take pictures along the way so you've got something to revert back to.




1. Wear something you can get out of easily.
Sounds silly but there have been many of times where I've had to help a bride wiggle out of their clothes pulling it left, right and centre so it doesn't ruin the hair. A dressing gown is a great option!

2. Wash your hair the night before.
This may be up to your own preference but as a stylist I prefer for my brides to wash their hair the night before as if the hair is freshly washed it can become to soft and slippery to work with.

3. Allow plenty of time!
Depending on your bridal party size make sure you allow enough time for you all to get ready without having to rush around. You want to be able to relax and enjoy your day rather than be worried about timings. Ask your stylist how much time she would like per person then add on a little extra for leeway.

4. Make a mini emergency hair kit.
If you or one of your bridesmaids have a little clutch bag make sure to arm it with extra Bobby pins and a mini hairspray for touch ups or and stray hairs.

5. Enjoy it!
Getting ready for your big day is such a fun part, seeing everyone come together and having your own bridal transformation is all part of the big day. Let the stylist work their magic and you focus on enjoying yourself!