How to Marry for £1000!

  Today we have a guest post from Kaiden Laverty from A Suffolk Dad. Kaiden's blog is one of my favourite, because his little boy Joshua is adorable and hilarious. Give him a follow, but first, check out his tips on how to get married for £1000! 

With the average wedding in the UK costing around £20,000-£27,000, surely there’s a cheaper way? Not everyone has that kind of budget for their big day, and that includes me! Both me and my partner have been planning our wedding for two years now (we’re the long engagement type of people!) and with almost every wedding venue costing around £3,000-£6,000 alone, I set myself the challenge of getting the cost down of the entire day to no more than a couple thousand to see whether it was possible.

Depending on the type of ceremony or wedding day you have, there will be extra costs on top, however the list below takes into account most of the ‘important’ parts.


When looking into a venue, whether you want it for the ceremony only or reception as well, you can be looking at spending thousands. As soon as a venue knows that you’re going to be holding a wedding there, the price seems to triple! So why not approach venues in an alternative way?

I started searching on sites such as ‘Halls for Hire’ and found many venues within 20 miles that offered their venue for free or for as little as £200 for the entire day. One of them was even pretty identical to our dream venue! Others included a free bar and even an outdoor venue to use, tables, chairs, stage and much more. You will be surprised at what kind of venues you can come across when you approach it differently.




Typically, wedding rings set couples back a huge portion of the wedding budget but there really is no need. Most of us fall into the trap of buying from the ‘Wedding Ring’ section which is, in my opinion, way overly priced. Why not shop online in places such as Etsy? You can grab yourself some unique rings that have been handmade for as little as £50 – bargain!


There’s nothing wrong with store bought invitations, however if you’re looking for more of a personal touch then why not look into designing them yourself? With just your time and the cost of printing and paper, the cost will be relatively low.

Alternatively, you could hire someone to design them for you on sites such as PeoplePerHour, Fiverr and Upwork. I’ve come across some pretty great designers that charge as little as £5-£10 for their work.

If you’re looking for something even more different, then why not send out E-Invites instead? A great choice if you’re worried about your guests losing the info!




When it comes to feeding your guests, there’s no need to do an expensive sit-down meal. Why not look into doing the catering yourself with the help of friends and family?

Alternatively, there are many catering companies who can offer their services for as little as £5 per head which is a huge difference to the average £40 per head of a sit-down.

I think picnics, finger buffets and hot buffets work just as well as sit-down meals and in many ways, I prefer them!


With DJs being one of the most popular choices of entertainment on wedding days, if your budget is fairly tight then why not consider creating your own playlist? A lot of venues already come with all the equipment you need, so it’s possible to create a playlist and simply plug it in through the speakers. As long as there’s music and your guests are entertained, no one will care or notice!


Decorations can take a huge chunk out of the wedding budget so why not go for something more homemade? I absolutely love decorations made out of paper and books, which are very inexpensive if you buy them from charity shops or bootfairs.

You could even buy some rolls of hessian for a few quid online and make your own bunting, wrap it around jam jars for tea lights and make paper flowers for the button holes and table centres.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding or have an outdoor area to use, why not make a badminton net out of bunting? Simple, inexpensive and more importantly – fun!


Hiring a photographer for our wedding is probably the only part of the day that I’m incredibly fussy about. We only have one shot at getting the perfect pictures, so I’m going to pick our photographer very carefully! But that’s not to say that we need to hire someone who charges £700-£1000 for the day.

Why not look into whether a family member or friend is good at taking photographs and owns a good camera? Or consider hiring a student who has the skills and some experience but needs to expand their portfolio? If you check them out beforehand to make sure they’re good, it should go smoothly on the day with no hiccups.


Naked Cake.jpg

Wedding Cake

It seems absurd to me that bakers are charging hundreds for wedding cakes, even if you’re after a small and simple one. Why not consider making it yourself or seeing if a relative who’s any good is up for doing it for you?

I’m in love with ‘naked’ cakes so it would be relatively simple for someone to do for you who isn’t a ‘professional’ (and also low-cost). Alternatively, why not go for something different such as a profiterole cake or perhaps consider not even having a cake at all and replacing it with something entirely different and much simpler and less expensive?

Profiterole Cake.jpg

Did you have a low-cost wedding? What are some of your top tips for getting married on a budget?