A Photographer’s worst nightmare…

Planning this wedding has been incredible (so far!) and we’ve got plenty more left to go… perhaps a little too much! It’s great to spend time with Codie deciding on all of the various parts of our super amazing day, from the food (tasting!) through to the venue. One of the most important parts of our day is making sure we capture every single second so we can look back on it for years and years to come. We’re very fortunate to have some talented friends who’ve volunteered their skills to video the day (thanks guys!), but we’ve still been in need of a Photographer. 


Now Photographers seems to vary on each couple’s priority list, some having them as a very important part of the day, and others just maybe wanting just their ceremony covered. For us, it’s a pretty darn important part of the day, so choosing someone incredible is a must (without breaking the bank!!!) If you don’t know already, I run my own creative agency, and one of the key aspects of my job is Photography! We focus on an array of different areas of Photography from Products to People , but Weddings do occasionally get thrown into the mix, so naturally I’m a little bit pickier than average when it comes to choosing someone to shoot our special day… and by a little, I mean a lot!


For my best friend’s wedding (coincidentally he’s also my business partner) I was both Best Man and Photographer… NOT something I would recommend anyone trying. As privileged as I felt doing it, being Best Man is hella stressful in itself, so to double the pressure with the role of Photographer for the day is not something for the faint hearted. Naturally, when it came to the point of what his role for our wedding was going to be, part of me felt like putting him through the same torture, but I just couldn’t do that - I’m too nice and would much rather he had a blast, so Dan became the Best Man (Now I’m thinking I should be worried…). That still left the role of Photographer open for the day! 


If you’ve looked into Wedding Photographers at all, you’ll realise there’s a plethora of styles and prices, and a higher price tag does not necessarily mean better! Wedding Show after Wedding Show and Website after Website, Codie and I sat through and listed so many photographers, only for my fussy brain to quickly disregard them… It’s not that these photographers have got bad work by any means, so many of them are great, but when you’ve got a style in mind that you rreeaallly really want, you simply can’t accept anything else until you find it. This is one of the aspects of the Wedding Codie has left up to me to decide because she knows just how frustrating I can be when choosing creative styles. But, to tell you the truth, I think I’m nearly there! I’ve got a narrowed down list now of just a few photographers and I’m so so excited to sit down and chat with them (grill them).


I’m excited to get this bit pinned down. Once I know that whatever happens on the day will be documented perfectly, I can begin to relax - sort of! Watch this space!