We've Been Married for One Whole Year!



This weekend was our one-year wedding anniversary, and it seemed the perfect time to reflect back on the past year of marriage, and our special day now that we are so far away from it!


I still maintain that our wedding was one of the best days of my life. I am shocked that everything came together so well, especially when you consider that we are a little… free spirited, let’s say, when it comes to organisation! I never get tired of talking to people who were guests at the wedding, especially when they tell us that it was the best wedding that they have ever been to, and even now I am missing the planning element - although it’s safe to say that I am looking back with rose-tinted glasses as it was a real stress at the time! 

I know there were some things that didn’t work out, or we didn’t manage to do (the pens I’d bought for the guest book tags were tidied away, and we didn’t cut the cake until much later than planned!) but they are so insignificant now that all I see are the amazing memories, captured by our incredible video - one of the best things we spent money on! 


Being able to call Steven my husband is still a super fun novelty, although sometimes I can tell that the person I’m talking to is taken aback that I’m married - I can hardly believe it myself to be honest! It certainly makes us feel more solid, but other than that, nothing has really changed, which I’m glad about. 


We’ve had the worst year really - we lost Steven’s grandma when we were on our honeymoon, had a miscarriage not long after, my mum died a few weeks ago and then our bearded dragon Dobby died just a few weeks after that. To say it’s been rough would be an understatement! It’s not quite how I would have hoped our first year of marriage would be, but having Steven by my side, as my husband has made it all a little easier. It sounds silly really, but it’s felt as though him being my husband has made people take us a little more seriously, especially when we’ve been doing things like arranging funerals and speaking to medical professionals. 


On the plus side, we have been riding the ‘Just Married’ high for the whole 12 months! We stayed in a little hotel in Lincoln the day after our wedding, and two weeks later we went on our amazing honeymoon. We wore matching ‘Hubby’ & “Wifey’ t-shirts (semi-ironically) and got ‘Just Married’ badges in Universal Hollywood which meant that everyone was constantly congratulating us. Everywhere we stayed we called ourselves ‘Newlyweds’ and basked in that excitement! We had amazing cards to open, I’ve been making post-wedding crafts such as my shadow box full of bits from the day and printing canvas and photos out - I’m really making it last!


Also excitingly, this humble little blog has been shortlisted for an award! I’m in a category with some really amazing wedding bloggers, so I am not too hopeful about winning on the night but I am properly thrilled to have been shortlisted! 


I’m going to be a little better at updating this over the next few months (before baby Wright makes his appearance in December!) as I have so much I want to write, but as you can imagine, things have been super hectic! 


So let me know in the comments how your wedding planning is going or what you want to see me write about!