Planning a Wedding - Where to Start?!

You’re engaged! You’ve popped the champagne, FaceTimed your mum and bought a whole pile of wedding magazines... but where do you start? Planning a wedding can be pretty overwhelming, and like with all things, it’s starting that’s the hardest. Here are some tips to help you get a start on planning the most exciting day of your life. 


Sit down with your future husband or wife and ask yourselves the following questions. 


What season should we get married in?

Is there a specific season you see yourself getting married in? The colours are beautiful in Spring and Autumn but the weather might not lend itself to a lot of outdoor activity. On the other hand, snow in the winter can be magical but will it stop your guests getting to you? Summer is always popular but it does mean that prices are at a premium. There are pros and cons to all times of the year so weigh up when you see yourself getting married. 

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Where should we get married?

Gone are the days when a church was the only option for your nuptials. The world is your oyster and more and more people are choosing to have their big day somewhere entirely different. It’s important to consider things such as extra costs when it comes to certain venues - for example for our outdoor wedding we had to hire in tipis and toilets! If you are looking to get hitched in England, be aware that wedding licences are not valid everywhere and some places can perform ceremonies but not the legal proceedings so you will have to go elsewhere for the signing of papers. Barns are lovely for a rustic feel but take a lot of decorating, whereas stately homes will usually require that you use their suppliers which takes away some of the stress, but also some of the freedom. 


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Where in the country (or out of it!) do we want to get married?

You don’t necessarily have to get married at the closest venue to where you live. We travelled 6 hours to our venue and it was worth every mile! A destination wedding is always lovely but it can limit the number of guests who will be willing to come as it can be expensive (although that’s not always a negative...!) You’ll never find a destination to suit everyone so make sure you and your fiancé(e) are happy with it and everyone else can fall in. 


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What vibe do we want for our wedding?

Are you going for a fancy, sophisticated affair, or do you want it to look a little more shabby chic? A romantic adults-only booze-up, or a fun-filled party full of kids? Or maybe something entirely different! 


Once you’ve got the vague idea of when, where and what you want, you can start planning without feeling utterly overwhelmed!