My Speech (Because brides can do them too!)

Guys! I'm freaking married! 

It's been a crazy few weeks of being Mrs Wright and we are heading off to our honeymoon in a week (dangerously underprepared as always!) but I'll be writing plenty of content on the plane. For now though, you can read a very chilled run down of the day here

I also thought it might be fun to post up my speech from the day. I have always known I wanted to do a speech - it's not like me to be quiet! It's very cheesy and ends with a poem I wrote for the day. 


If you are genuinely surprised that I am doing a speech then you probably haven’t met me before. 


I know the official thankyous have already been done, but there’s a few I really need to make for myself. People who have made this day and the run up, utterly amazing. 


My beautiful bridesmaids, my very best friends. I know people think I had too many, but I couldn’t imagine not sharing my day with any of you. You’ve been with me through some very ‘questionable’ relationships, and I know you’re all relieved that my awkward Bridget Jones pre Mark Darcy days are over. 


Ruth - Who has not let a little thing like growing an actual human inside her stop her from being an amazing bridesmaid and giving me the honest advice that I need. 

Sarah Jane - My big sister who I look up to immensely, who has threatened, several times to literally kill anyone who messes with our big day. 

Olivia - My baby sister who has at least attempted to keep me semi sane in the run up to today. 

EmJ - Who is the whole reason Steven & I got together and has been the most supportive person in our relationship from day one. 

Sam - Who has easily been the most excited about this wedding, probably more so than either me or Steven. 

Becky - Who has provided me with constant words of wisdom and glasses of wine (plus 2 beautiful children to walk down the aisle with me) 

Katherine - Who had a Pinterest board before Steven proposed called “Come on Steven!” and who made pretty much everything you see here! 

Jo-Ellen - Who I have known for her whole life and who made me into the person I am today - So Steven has you to blame for that! 


To Paul, who has been my best friend and rock for the past few years. He technically proposed to me first but I think he’s had a lucky escape. Thank you for being kind enough to give me away. 


Sophie - Who took an idea I had in my head and made this incredible dress out of it. She practically went blind sewing on these flowers but she made the dress of my dreams and I am so lucky to have something made with so much love by such an incredibly talented friend. 


Bethan - For being my wedding sounding board and unofficial wedding planner. 


To our fantastic parents who have helped however they could and made all this possible. 


To everyone else who has had to hear me go on and on about this wedding, that includes friends, work colleagues and genuinely, my postman! 


And of course, to my Mr Wright. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be able to love you but I promise to spend the rest of our lives making sure you don’t regret letting me. This man is my very best friend and proof that soul mates exist. He is the hardest working, most supportive and loving person in the world and treats me like an absolute Goddess everyday


Because I am a soppy mess I’ve written a poem, and it’s never yet seen the light of day so please be kind with me. 


And when you know, you know. You know?


I was the girl with pink hair and you were Steven bloody Wright. 

You were gosh darn perfection, and I was -shrugs- alright. 

Drunk in love and cheap alcohol

And my soul said there you are, I've been waiting for you. 


(What I actually said was “I ain’t gon’ be nobodies rebound baby)

Who was I kidding. 


You are perfection in a bearded frame.

You are holding hands on the gearstick while we drive.

You are loud music, slow dances in empty rooms, feeling infinite.

You are a list writing, panic calming, soul soothing super hero. 


And I turn keys the wrong way in the door. 


Sometimes, I tell you, I love you so much I want to punch myself in the face. I want to eat my own arm. I want to shrink down so small, I could live in your blood.

It is a testament to our love that you are not creeped out by this. 

Because of this love, I grew, no longer a weed but a freaking wildflower

I will never be tamed but then, you never even wanted to try

I was your Manic Pixie Dream Girl, except in this story, I stayed. I had a narrative all of my own. 


You are carefully folded tshirts and perfectly packed suitcases. I am shove it all in and hope for the best. 

You are thought and measure and I am screw it let's see what happens. 

and now your hand is my anchor, your smiles my life line. 

& in the roughest of seas, there's only you and me & a bubble of love keeping us afloat. 

They say worse things happen at sea. And you're the best that ever happened to me. 

I don't know if we'll ever reach the shore. But for one thing I'm sure, every adventure is worth it with you on my team. 


So this isn’t my happy ending, it’s our happy beginning. To us all."