No one cares about your wedding much as you do. And that’s okay. 


It can be weird, when you’re caught up in the whirlwind planning of the happiest day of your life, to realise that others peoples lives are not all-consumed with your table plans, pinterest boards and fabric swatches. You’re not a selfish person, but to you, it’s all about the wedding and it’s crazy that other people aren’t as excited. 


I’m lucky in that there are a few people in my life who put up with me talking about the wedding all the time. To me, the wedding is the most exciting thing happening (at least this side of the honeymoon) and I’m spending so much time planning every detail that I don’t have much else to tell you when we catch up. But I am aware I am doing it, and I promise I’m trying to stop… unsuccessfully.


However, it is important to remember that it is your wedding. Although your friends and family are probably really excited for you, it doesn’t consume their every waking moment. They might be quite busy at work and so not be able to check out every link about fake flowers vs real flowers that you may send them. They might not be able to move prior plans to attend your Hen Party, or be there for every bridesmaid thing you want them to come to. 


That doesn’t mean they don’t care. 


They just don’t need to care as much as you. It’s not their wedding. 


So before you get annoyed that they aren’t talking much in the group message, or that they can’t take a day off work for a wedding fair on the other side of the country, remember that this day is yours. They’re not necessarily a bad friend (although some people are of course, just not my friends. They're amazing), they just have a life outside of your wedding.


And on the day, chances are, for them it will be all about you, your new spouse and your wedding. Until then, give them a break!