How to Beat the Post-Wedding Blues

The post-wedding blues are a very real thing and boy am I suffering! When you spend all your time planning for your big day, sending emails about flowers, crafting decorations and setting up your reception playlist, drowning in to-do lists, it can all feel very empty when the day is over. Don’t get me wrong, I bloody love being married, even if it does still feel so weird to say “my husband”!, but I do miss the crazy planning and excitement. Here is what I have done to combat the blues.

Focus on the things you won’t miss

Girl, I am eating all of the things! I wanted to lose a little weight before the wedding as my meds had made me a little chunkier so I was eating well and going to the gym. Now though, I’m sat on the train eating a Whispa bar for breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to get back to the healthier life, but for now I’m just enjoying myself and kinda feeling my chunky little body. We’ve also been loving being about to treat ourselves without feeling guilty. We’ve added Apple Watches to our contracts, bought a new hoover (God, I love my new hoover!), and got a new Apple TV. It’s not just tech, we’ve also both bought a few extra items of autumn/winter clothes which feels good! I also won’t miss crazy pre-wedding disaster dreams and the politics of seating plans! 

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 21.05.24.png


Relive the memories

We came home from our honeymoon to find out wedding photos and it was the perfect way to combat the pain of leaving America and getting back to the real world! We also just got our wedding trailer and are now looking forward to seeing the full length video! It’s so amazing to see the day captured and we feel like it’s being spread out because we’re getting different bits at different times. 

Get crafty

I’ve made a shadow box with some of the little bits from the day. We got it from Ikea and it’s got an order of service in it, one of the little boys bow-ties, some flowers, the cake bunting, a paper crane and a few other little bits and bobs. I’m excited to get it hung up with the cute Mr & Mrs sign we got from one of my lovely bridesmaids. Much better than just keeping it all in a box to get dusty and sad! 

Make some dollar back! 

I’m going to be selling some of my wedding bits - none of the sentimental stuff of course but we bought a lot of decorations and as much as I would love to decorate the house with every bit of it, even I think that’s over kill! So we have sorted out bits to keep (and some of them have been put up around the house) and a box of things to sell so hopefully we can make a little bit of money back on them as well as give them a good home! 

Embrace being married

I am such a fan of a good cheesy memory. We wore “Hubby” & “Wifey” t-shirts on the honeymoon and I am searching for a really lovely ornament that says it’s our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs Wright. There’s only once you can do these things so you better believe I’m going to do it all! 



Throw yourself into the next adventure

For us, this is buying a house. Hopefully. (Read my blog for more details on this particular drama!). I’ve replaced my wedding pinning with home decor and lists of decorations that need to be made with lists of furniture we need to buy. I’m just never happy without a project! 

Sometimes I still get sad that it’s all over. We threw a party back home in the summer for those who couldn’t make the wedding, and didn’t go on our honeymoon for around 3 weeks after the wedding so we staved off the sadness for as long as possible. This wedding blog is helping of course, when I have time to write it! I’ve also got friends getting married soon so I’m throwing myself into the excitement of their big day. 

What helped you get over your wedding blues? Let me know in the comments!