Traditional Confetti Alternatives

More and more venues are banning traditional paper confetti due to the environment (& of course the even more traditional rice isn't a good option either due to the danger it puts the wildlife in) so what do you do if you still want to lob something at the happy couple to express your elation?

Here are some of my favourite paper confetti alternatives, whether your venue has requested it or you just want something a little different. 


Perfect for a natural, outdoor wedding, why not go for real petals for a beautiful alternative. Even better than using your hands to throw them, are these incredible Confetti Pops from Shropshire Petals. Why throw things when you can fire them at speed?!


It's not quite something to throw, but having your guests blow bubbles at you as you leave the venue would make for beautiful pictures and is guilt free. 

Seed confetti 

You might need to clear it with your venue but this confetti is biodegradable and contains little seeds so that not only does it not harm the environment, it helps it! Plus, they look so cute! 

Twirling ribbons

Again, something completely different, but totally stunning and reusable. These twirling ribbons can be made easily (literally, ribbons on sticks!), to match your wedding theme and everyone can get involved. 

What do you think? Are you going to have something to throw, sprinkle or wave?