Children at a Wedding - Yes or No?

Steven and I never really had a discussion about whether we should allow children at our wedding. Both of our families have a lot of children in them (we have 10 niblings between us!), and I just couldn’t imagine the day without them. Sticky fingers on my dress, sugar-rush induced running around and lots of noise - I wouldn’t want it any other way.

At the same time, Steven and I are pretty childish ourselves. Our wedding isn’t going to be a classy ivory affair, it’s going to be colourful and silly and fun. Without children, that’s just weird right?! I really want a bouncy castle, and as much as we all know it’s for me, and without children I would get first go, I want our wedding to be a super fun event for everyone.

One of my favourite things about family gatherings as a child, was seeing those cousins you’ve not seen for ages, or making new friends with random children. I want our wedding to be the day that the children on my side of the family, become good friends with those on Steven’s side. Where they all eat far too many sweets and stay up too late.

In fact, children are not only to be “tolerated” at our wedding, but celebrated. The type of wedding we are having, with an outdoor, festival theme, lends itself to children. Rather than having to be quiet for most of the day, before sliding around the dance floor in the evening, there will be giant games and space to play, and hopefully even some child-centric entertainment.

The best thing about making sure the children are having a good time, is that the parents can let their hair down too. Rather than having to occupy their offspring with folded napkins or I-spy, they can watch them make new friends, win at Giant Jenga, and pull silly faces in the photobooth. All things that the grown ups can do too!

I totally get why some people would rather have a child-free wedding. I think it’s great that this is an accepted option although of course, not having any children myself I don’t know how well it would go down for parents. Are they excited at the prospect of a child-free event? Or stressed at having to find childcare?

At the end of the day, your wedding is your day. Whether you want an entire tribe of children to carry you down the aisle (which is probably frowned upon if I’m honest), or an entire day with over 18s only, it’s your call.

Have you decided on your child guest policy? Let us know in the comments!