I have never really thought of myself as “marriage material”, whatever that means. I’m a free spirit. If anything, I could see myself living in a hippy commune and indulging in some polyamorous lovin’, barefoot amongst the flowers. Fast forward ten years, and here I am. Planning a wedding to the man of my dreams (vom!), living in a lovely little house, with a kitten, and bearded dragon. How unbelievably civilized!

Don’t get me wrong, our impending nuptials are not set to be a traditional, church-ceremony, village-hall-reception affair. In fact, barefoot amongst the flowers will be more like it, and the more wedding blogs I read (and trust me, I read a lot!), the more I want to write my own.

So here I am.

I’m Codie, a twenty-something Southerner who has lived ‘Up North’ for the past 5 years. I love kittens, wine and making a mess in the name of craft. I’ve recently packed in my sensible job in the city, to be a full-time freelance writer, which gives me plenty of time to scour the internet for wedding inspiration. I have a lot of opinions (for example, I hate with a fiery passion, the organza bows on the back of chairs!), and will be sharing them here with the help of my Wedding Panel.

I want this to be a place where people celebrate their love and all the quirky things that make them who they are. If you want us to feature your wedding, your ideas, your business or just you, send us a message on the Contact Page & we will be in touch!