Fed up with drowning in diamantes and wanting to throw up from taffeta bows adorning the backs of chairs, Codie decided that there needed to be more spaces on the internet for those individuals who want their wedding to be, well... individual! 

Follow her adventures in becoming Mrs Wright, check out tried-and-tested DIYs, read about real-life quirky weddings, your perfect suppliers, and even the odd blog from the 'lucky' man himself! 

If you'd like to be featured, or contribute to the site, please just pop along to the contact page! 


Real Life Weddings

Each week we feature a different Quirky Couple and their wedding and/or proposal. Perfect for inspiration (or just something nice to read with a cuppa and a biscuit!) 

Mr Wright Writes

The Man himself is a thoroughly modern Groom and likes to have his say - he has a lot of opinions. So I figured it was only fair to give him his own page.

Becoming Mrs Wright

I'm getting married! I want to share every happy moment, and rant away every stress, so here's my little space. Perfect to read with a big glass of wine!